Icon - Opalustre eliminates Fluorosis stains


Micro-abrasion paste (Opalustre), resin infiltration (ICON), and removal of white and brown spots.

White or brown stains on teeth can be a major problem, especially when they occur in an aesthetic area. These stains can be caused by ingesting excessive amounts of fluoride or simply after orthodontic treatment.

Traditionally, the removal of these stains involved mutilating the tooth and filling it with composite, or opting directly for dental veneers or crowns.

With the introduction of these two systems, Opalustre and Icon, we now have the ability to eliminate these white or brown spot lesions in one simple, painless treatment, with no need for drilling.


Chemical and mechanical micro-abrasion paste

Opalustre paste, composed of 6.6 % hydrochloric acid and containing microparticles of silicon carbide, treats surface imperfections by mechanical abrasion and non-aggressive chemical action.

After just a few applications of Opalustre paste, mild to moderate decalcification can be eliminated or significantly reduced.

Opalustre White Spot
Application of the Icon


Icon resin infiltration, originally developed to stop incipient tooth decay, can also be used to mask white spots on teeth caused by fluorosis. This painless, minimally invasive dental technique represents a real therapeutic advance.

How the Icon infiltration technique works

The Icon technique consists of using hydrochloric acid to abrade the surface and then infiltrating the white spot with enamel-like resin.

Underneath the intact surface layer of the teeth, the white stains have a porous zone which absorbs the resin by capillary action. They are then masked by an optical effect and visually blend in with the healthy surface of the tooth.

This technique, performed in a single session and without unnecessary damage to the healthy parts of the tooth, offers the patient a highly satisfactory aesthetic solution.


Minimal to moderate dental fluorosis
The treatment of early caries lesions (non


More severe fluorosis, which is manifested by the presence of deeper brown spots all over the surface of the tooth, requires the application of dental veneers.

Our dentist will examine your case, and will then assess the appropriate treatment for your situation.


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