Dental Radiology

Dental radiology is an indispensable tool in dentistry. It allows our dentists to visualise the various internal structures of the mouth. Different types of intra-oral radiographs are used to diagnose and monitor various dental problems. From retroalveolar radiography targeting a specific tooth to interproximal radiography detecting caries between teeth. Each technique provides valuable information for clinical decision-making, in order to provide quality dental care.

The following are some of the common types of intra-oral radiographs:

Retroalveolar radiography (RVA)

This x-ray is taken with the film placed inside the mouth, behind the teeth. It is often used to examine a specific tooth and its bony support.

Interproximal radiography (Bite-wing)

These X-rays capture the crowns of the upper and lower teeth in contact with each other. They are also often used to detect cavities between teeth and assess the fit of dental crowns.

Occlusal radiography

These x-rays capture the entire upper or lower dental arch. They are often used to assess jawbone growth, tooth position and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) abnormalities.

Periapical radiography

These X-rays show the entire tooth, from the crown to the root and the bone that supports it, and are often used to examine specific teeth and the surrounding tissues.

Dental radiology is very useful for complementing clinical examinations, which is why our dentist can use this examination technique.


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