Paediatric Dentistry

Specialised dentistry for children

Paediatric dentistry, also known as pedodontics, is a branch of dentistry that specialises in dental care for children, from infants to teenagers.

At what age should a child start seeing a dentist?

We recommend that you allow your child to make his or her first visit to the dentist ideally around the age of one or after the eruption of the first tooth.
You can accompany your child to your own appointment dental clinic environment, and to meet your dentist and the team. Your dentist will also use this opportunity to give advice on oral hygiene, particularly tooth brushing, so that good habits can be established as early as possible!

Why treat baby teeth?

Even though milk teeth are temporary and will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth, taking care of them is important, especially for maintaining space for future permanent teeth. Milk teeth act as a natural guide for future permanent teeth. Their presence helps to maintain adequate space in the jaw, thus ensuring the correct eruption of the permanent teeth.

Early dental care lays the foundations for good oral health, preventing future problems and promoting a smooth transition to permanent teeth.

Our mission

Our main objective is to preserve your children's oral health and prevent dental problems as they grow, while building a relationship of trust with your child.

Montblanc Dental Center welcomes and cares for the children.

Our dentist tries to put the child at ease so that he or she can be treated without apprehension or pain.


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